Zara Felt Coat (similar  here  +  here ), Vintage Denim (similar  here  +  here ),  J. Crew Perfect Fit Long Sleeve Tee ,  Dolce Vita Ankle Boots  ( on sale )

Zara Felt Coat (similar here + here), Vintage Denim (similar here + here), J. Crew Perfect Fit Long Sleeve Tee, Dolce Vita Ankle Boots (on sale)

When I can't seem to decide on what to wear, especially in these lingering last days of winter, this is my go-to uniform. It's my version of a cool-girl outfit that takes no time to pull together and works every time. The outfit recipe is simple: 1 part high waisted denim (extra zest if they have an interesting hem detail), 1 basic tee, 1 long coat and finally 1 pair of boots or shoes. It's as simple as that. The classic denim and basic tee allow for a neutral platform to have fun with accessories and a coat, without looking overdressed. Since I went pretty safe with a black tee and jacket, I decided to add some character with these Dolce Vita metallic ankle boots. I find this look is essential in my wardrobe for anything like a day at work to a stroll around the city. Do you have a go-to outfit recipe?