About a year ago, I split my absolute favorite thrifted Levi's. It's rare I find a pair that fit in all the right places and require no alterations. When I felt them rip, I thought there was no coming back. I cried, true story, then realized they're just pants and there had to be a way I could bring them back to life. Luckily, I'm one determined gal and made sure they'd live to see another day. Patching denim isn't too difficult, it's just a matter of choosing the right swatch to repair them. Fixing the front inseam and tears that stretch across the underbutt area are tricky because you don't want to use super bulky denim to fix the hole. It adds thickness in all the wrong places and sometimes feels too...padded if you catch my drift. For the crotch area, I use a lightweight denim and cut a piece larger than the ripped section and stitch over the area, creating zigzag patterns and lines to secure the patch to the pair of jeans. I also backed some other stress points to ensure the longevity of the denim. A notorious sensitive spot is where the back pockets are attached. They're bartacked over and over, weakening the fibers of the denim. So I added small patches behind them and zigzagged over those as well. While I was repairing these, I found the interior tag and thought it'd be fun to use. I removed it from the inside and decided to patch it on the back right pocket, sort of adding an off-white vibe. I especially loved the one side of the tag because it had the original sizing information, the serial code and "for women" written on the tag. I just loved the idea of having that seen, so I added it to the back pocket. It's now my favorite feature of these jeans. 

I love to re-do, re-vive and re-build denim. If you have a pair of jeans that need some love or want to especially stylize some, I'd love to work with you! Fill out the contact form here and let's get to it.