I don't think there's a campaign I agree more with than Nike's latest The Force is Female. The campaign celebrates it's legendary Air Force 1 sneaker while showcasing some truly bad ass ladies. To quote Nike exactly, "It's that rule breaking, decision-making, name taking, don't give a damn in all of us." More than ever, I feel like I'm apart of this force, this new generation of women not taking no for an answer. It's never been clearer, my purpose, as I head into this new year. And I'm stopping at nothing to get where I want to be. There's a braveness inside me that I lost sight of for a while, but it's back and better than ever. I am ready to embrace any challenges I am served. Recently, I picked up a pair of fresh AF1's (I haven't taken them off my feet). With my newfound favorite t-shirt, structured plaid overcoat, the absolute best fitting denim and clean white kicks, I'm ready for you 2018, what you got?

Shot by Tiffany Lo