Week 3 kicked off with a track workout at Icahn Stadium. So many legends have raced on that track, simply stepping foot in the stadium sent my adrenaline through the roof. Safe to say it was one of few times we were all eager for a track workout.

We warmed up with a run around Randall's Island, followed by some dynamic stretching and drills around the track. The workout was a bit of a beast, but so much fun. 

The workout:

  • 2 sets of
  • 1200 @ 10k pace
  • 1200 @ 10k pace
  • 400 @ 5k pace
  • 400 @5k pace
  • 2 min rest between each


Tailwind Mock Crop Tank


Dry Tempo American 3" Shorts


Air Zoom Elite 10

We cooled down and stretched, followed by an ice pop or two (or three). 

The rest of the week I took easy. My left leg started acting up on Wednesday and I had a 10k on Saturday up in Maine with Nike. So my workout at Icahn was the only Moonshot workout I ran for week 3. It was full of fast laps, friendly faces and endless laughs. 

Photos by Fred Goris