I've wanted to see Joshua Tree for quite some time. Something about the Dr. Suess like trees and stark contrast between desert and sky has maintained my desire to see this national park and breathe in the cool, dry, desert air.

It was a must see on my second trip to Los Angeles. It's a 2.5 drive from LA and completely worth it. I packed a light backpack with some snacks and my camera gear and ventured out to see what I'd been missing.

Joshua Tree is such an interesting place. It's so utterly simple in it's beauty. You get lost in it's forest of trees, which at first seem sparse, but somehow quickly fill the basin's space. At first glance, there's three colors to JT. Blue, beige and green. But upon further inspection, those three colors turn into hundreds of different shades. The rock formations throughout the preserved land seem prehistoric almost. My favorite part? It felt like it was just me and the wind as I explored the parks winding roads and trails' crevices.

If I've learned anything these past 6 months, it's that adventuring and exploring on your own does something to your soul. For as long as I can remember, I always had a partner. And it was one of my most favorite things to do, discover some place new with him. Since he's been gone, I've realized I'm just as good, if not better, at unearthing new places on my own. I appreciate them more. I fully breathe them in. I may not be able to slow down in any other area of my life, but when I'm out in the middle of nowhere somewhere, I truly stand still.

I knew this place would be special, even before I got there.  



Spots I'd recommend:

Skull Rock

Cholla Cactus Garden (when it's in bloom)

Key's View