It's been a minute since I've been on here. To be honest, it's been a minute since I've truly felt like myself. This past month has been the worst and best of my life, somehow all wrapped up into one. A month ago I received a phone call that ended my life as I knew it. Little did I know there was an even better one beginning to break through.

After truly the worst heartache and pain I've ever felt, I started to look at my situation from a different perspective. I felt like I needed to get away from everything familiar and go find something new, something completely foreign to me, to press reset. So I came up with a plan to finally see the West Coast. For years I've wondered what life would be like out there and I felt now was the perfect time to explore it. So it's exactly what I did. 

Within a week's time I booked a trip to the West Coast. I'd start by flying to Portland, Oregon for a couple of days, then road trip down the coast to Los Angeles, seeing everything and anything I've ever wanted to along the way- ultimately staying with friends in Manhattan Beach. I managed stops in Portland, Cannon Beach, Beaverton, Bend, Crater Lake, Ashland, San Francisco, Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, Pismo Beach, Malibu, and finally Los Angeles.

But there's no way I could have done it without my parents, sister, family and friends encouraging me every step of the way. From the day my world crumbled to now, they've been there. Every hysterical phone call, text, hang out- they've been by my side, assuring me of just how strong I am. They never questioned I wouldn't make it through, so why should I have doubted myself? I knew in my gut this was going to change me. And I am so happy to say that it did.

This trip brought me back to life.

Stick around. I'll be cataloging my adventure right here on EVB, stop by stop, place by place.