It was a humid morning in August when I first met Kelly. I had been invited to run the TD Beach To Beacon 10K in Portland, Maine along with the Nike Running East team. I noticed her sitting waiting to board the charter busses and recognized her from one of the Moonshot runs the week prior. I walked up and introduced myself, since I barely knew anyone going on the trip, and the rest is history. That weekend we realized just how much we had in common. I learned of her fiercely growing army, the Badass Lady Gang and knew immediately this was the start of a genuine friendship. Flash forward several months- months of brainstorming and conversation about how to bring the Badass Lady Gang to life via merch and meetups. A new logo, buffs, shirts and temporary tattoos were born out of those conversations and I’m so excited they’re here! Kelly is the real deal and I am so pumped I get the chance to work with such a kind, generous and truly badass lady.

Badass Lady Gang Merch can be found here!