It’s wild we’re already 10 days into the New Year. I’d been looking forward to saying goodbye to 2018 for a while now, mainly so I’d could start fresh with a clean slate. For me, that means physical and mental housekeeping. With that, I knew it was time to take down the existing mood board above my desk when I looked at it sparked not a single ounce of joy or inspiration.

I scoured my magazine stacks and dug deep into tumblrs, online image galleries and saved Instagrams. Building a mood board is by far one of my favorite creative things to do. This time around, I let the color of a few images lead the direction and it’s interesting to see where it took me. The board isn’t finished, but that’s the point. For the next year I’ll add, remove, edit and keep what I have up as life changes. By the end of last year it was filled with save the dates, thank you and holiday cards, photobooth strips and knickknacks I’d collected throughout my travels. The best thing is the board is portable, so wherever I head next, it’s coming with me.