I can easily say that 26 was the worst year of my life. But in an odd way, it was also sorta the best. And I never would've recognized that if it weren't for my wonderful, selfless and magical friends and family. This past year they've listened to me, let me cry on their shoulders, encouraged me, challenged me and most importantly supported me through this mess of a life I call mine. They kept the faith when I couldn't and for that, I'm forever grateful.

To be completely honest, I didn't want to celebrate this milestone. I felt so much anxiety leading up to it, that I almost didn't want to recognize it at all. I felt like there wasn't much to celebrate and it was just a reminder of all the things I didn't have heading into another year of life.

I'm happy to report I couldn't be more wrong. This birthday weekend reminded me that I have an infinite amount to celebrate. And even though I don't have all my ducks completely in a row, that's entirely okay. What I've got, is all I've got, but I'm pretty damn lucky if you ask me.

Sometimes I think we're so hard on ourselves that we forget to celebrate the small stuff. 26 taught me even the smallest of stuff can lift you up if you let it. And may even have the strength to carry you through some of the hardest days. It's the little things that make you appreciate the big, if and when they come along.

Yesterday, I got to share one of my favorite spots in the city with my favorite people. On a breezy, humid less day in July, we sat in the park and had a boozy, doughnut filled picnic. It was the simplest of celebrations, done in an epic way and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

So, here's to 27. A brighter, healthier and truly happier trip around the sun. I am so ready to give it everything I've got and then some.