Fun fact: I don't like the term vlog. Almost as much as I dislike the word blog. To me, it sounds a tad obnoxious and overused. Aside from titling this story, I probably won't ever use the term again, but what other alternatives do I have? Video diary? yuck. "My Trip to X" super generic... I'm taking any and all suggestions. Anyhoo, I've been wanting to compile all of the videos and Instastories I took during my West Coast trip, but haven't dedicated the time to actually do it. Thanks to snowstorm Quinn, I finally had the chance to sit down and edit the footage. 

Throughout this process, I realized how much I enjoy making and editing videos. I also realized it may be time to invest in better gear if I plan to continue recording future trips and life events (apologies for iPhone quality video). This video, and any others I make in the future, is a way for me to relive my experience and sort of immortalize how I was feeling at that exact moment. Through video, photo and music, I try to capture the moments. These moments are irreplaceable and I'm grateful for each one. Watching them back I can feel the sun on my skin, snow under my feet, that airy, sugary bite of a donut and genuine bliss that filled my heart as I stepped foot onto Cannon Beach for the first time. I hope you find joy and inspiration somewhere in my travels so that you too can experience an adventure like this.