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Today is Wednesday, February 14th. More commonly known as Valentine's Day. In the event you forgot, just scroll through Instagram for 15 seconds, you'll be reminded in no time. To be honest, I thought today was going to be terrible. I've never really loved the holiday, but considering I don't have a significant other to celebrate with for the first time in 6 years, it seems to be a reminder of what I don't have. But an interesting thing happened when I woke up this morning, I felt okay. I woke up like any other day and followed my typical routine. In fact, I've enjoyed seeing all the love being thrown around today. It's truly made me smile, knowing how many people get to share today (and everyday) with the one they love most. It doesn't have to be a significant other or spouse, it could just be a friend, a parent, a sister or brother, a grandparent or a stranger who makes you feel loved. Whoever it is, know how lucky you are to be loved. And whatever you do, make sure you have love to give. 

For me, I'm lucky to feel the love from friends and family and even perfect strangers. I received the cutest snail mail yesterday, including the above valentine from such a beloved friend who never fails to make me feel important. And today, I held the door for someone, who in turn held it for the woman behind her. It was like a door-holding-train, to which their thank you's were so genuine and sweet. As we all were getting into our cars, one of the women shouted, "Happy Valentine's Day, ladies!". It was such a small gesture, but it made me smile so big. 

Today, I share the truest pieces of my heart. Maybe I woke up today (and everyday) feeling okay because of these folks and the love they continue to give. 

Tonight I made plans with a girlfriend to kick back, relax and dine on sweet treats and wine. We're having our own Galentine's date and I couldn't be happier. Whatever your plans are for today, I hope you enjoy them. 

Happy Valentine's Day xx