Last year, when I was at my lowest yet, a friend tried very hard to tell me that as awful and irreversible I felt, it was just as possible to feel happy, whole and full. I shrugged it off, living in it’s impossibility.
But sometimes the very worst things that happen to us are actually the very best hiding in disguise. I wouldn’t know this, truly, if I didn’t live it. Or have an army of people, old and new, promising me daily that it would get better.
To be here, in this place, where so many good people exist and so many possibilities lay ahead, is wild. I’ve been gifted the opportunity, knowledge and power to live this life to its fullest potential. To live stronger than I ever was before. To feel happy, whole and full.
She was right. You were all right.
The word thankful is too small.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.