I’m no beauty blogger, but I am an athlete that’s not afraid to sweat. Because I’m active daily, and sweat an insane amount no matter the workout, my skin consistently freaks out. Which is in major part why I have acne the way I do at age 27. (also thanks hormones + stress) Luckily, Fre Skincare reached out with their product Detox Me, a purifying mask meant to be used weekly in order to combat common dead skin cells and weekly build up from sweat. I’ve only been using it for about a week and I’ve noticed major improvements in the overall quality of my skin. I’m excited to continue using the mask as a part of the weekly, if not daily routine and see where it takes me. If you’re curious yourself, for the next 48 hours enjoy 25% off a one time purchase of Detox Me with the code ‘TONIDANZA25’. Product is linked in the above photo!