One of my favorite things to do is re-purpose clothing. I’ve been doing it since I was old enough to use a sewing machine. For me, it’s a way to be creative without spending a ton of money. I’ve been especially thankful for this craft as I’ve gotten older because I’ve been able to save a ton when it comes to custom tailored clothing. I live in denim most of the time, but have always struggled to find a pair that actually fits upon first try on. My body type is athletic and typically women’s denim is cut too narrow for me.

I’ve talked about reviving old denim on here before, but I decided to showcase a more in depth side of this hobby of mine, in case you too are looking for a well fit, flattering pair of jeans that don’t cost $200.

Typically, I’ll start by thrifting a pair of denim from a vintage spot or a second hand store. I found these men’s Levi’s for $12 (steal!). First I’ll try them on and assess what needs to be done. If of the fit of the denim isn’t too big to start, I’ll take them in on the sides, creating a new side seam. It’s definitely the easiest reconstruction, so normally I’ll aim for a pair that is only a little bit bigger. I put the jeans on inside out and mark down the sides how much need to be taken in. I then remove the rivets that hold the pockets down, so they won’t get in the way of the new seam. I like to stitch down the pockets and ultimately cut the pocket bag out, just to smooth out the front fit. After stitching the new side seam and making sure the fit is okay, I’ll serge the inside seams to keep them from fraying too much. I’m a fan of a raw hem, so I simply mark my hem and cut. I’ll tack the seams to keep them from opening up on the sides and that is pretty much it. The process takes a few hours, but is completely worth it. I now have a pair of denim that I’ll wear religiously because they fit so well.

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